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PDFA systematic review of minimally processed artichoke.
Almela, L., García-Martínez, N., Andreo-Martínez, P.
PDFAgronomic and productive response to different concentrations and number of treatments of gibberellic acid in artichoke cultivar Num 4011
Baixauli, C., Giner-Martorell, A., Nájera-Juan, I., Aguilar, J.M.
PDFAgronomic behavior of cardoon varieties in Navarre.
Lahoz, I., Macua,J.I., Urmeneta, I., Juanena, A.
PDFAlternative exploitation of Cynara spp. biodiversity in a green economy context.
Crinò P., Tolaini, V., De Rossi, P., Del Fiore, A., Mancini, L., Cuna, D.
PDFAnalysis of DNA methylation patterns associated with in vitro propagated globe artichoke plants.
Cerruti, E., Comino, C., Acquadro, A., Marconi, G., Albertini, E., Repetto, A.M., Pisanu, A.B., Pilia, R., Portis, E.
PDFArtichoke culture preservation under saline conditions using arbuscular mycorrhiza and Trichoderma in La Vega Baja del Segura, Spain.
Erice, G., Colosimo, F., Lucini, L., Cirino, V., Bonini,P.
PDFBioactive compounds in pollen of Cynara cardunculus var. altilis: first results.
Toscano, V., Genovese, C., Leonardi, C., Arlotta, C., Pappalardo, H., Raccuia, S.
PDFBiocontrol of artichoke fungal diseases in saline soil by altering microorganism populations using arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and Trichoderma.
Colosimo, F., Erice, G., Cirino, V., Ruzzi, M., Bonini, P.
PDFBlanca de Tudela and seed artichoke in Navarre.
Lahoz, I., Macua, J.I., Urmeneta, I., Juanena, A.
PDFCharacterization and antioxidant activity of Sicilian commercial cardoon honeys.
Raccuia, S., Genovese, C., Arlotta, C., Venticinque, M., Caldeano, P.
PDFComparison of high and low frequency drip irrigation in an artichoke crop.
Puerto, H., Rocamora, C., Abadía, R., Zapata, P.J., Valero, D., Martínez-Tomé, J.
PDFDevelopment of cardoon male sterile clones.
Valentina, T., Ciancolini, A., Crinò, P., Capuzzi, L., Bastioli, C.
PDFEffect of artificial vernalization on the production of Tunisian globe artichoke derived from nursery's ovoli: earliness, yield and quality traits.
Riahi, J., Nicoleto, C.,Bouzaien, G., Sambo, P., Khalfallah, K.K.
PDFEffect of genotype and harvest time on the weed phytotoxicity of Cynara cardunculus L. leaf extracts.
Scavo, A., Pandino, G., Rial, C., Varela, R., Molinillo, J., Macias, F., Mauromicale, G.
PDFEffect of preharvest application of methyl salicylate as an elicitor at harvest and during postharvest storage of `Blanca de Tudela´ artichokes.
Martínez-Esplá, A., García-Pastor, M.E., Zapata, P.J., Martinez-Romero, D., Castillo, S., Valverde, J.M., Guillen, F.
PDFEffect of reactive oxygen species on germination of Cynara cardunculus (L.) varieties.
Puglia, G.D., Huarte, E.R., Calderano, P., Pappalardo, H.D., Toscano, V., Raccuia, S.
PDFEffect of salicylic acid on quality attributes of artichokes `Blanca de Tudela´ during post-harvest storage.
Guillén, F., Valero, D., Castillo, S., Martínez-Romero, D., Ruíz-Jiménez, J.M, Valverde, J. M., Zapata, P.J.
PDFEffect of salt treatments on seedlings of five commercial artichoke hybrids.
Pagnotta, M.A., Egea-Gilabert, C., Fernández, J.A., Giménez, A.
PDFEffects of gibberellic acid (GA3) different concentration treatments on Calico and Sambo F1 globe artichokes.
Bartual, J., Parra, J., Ortiz, M.
PDFEpidemiology of Verticillium dahliae in artichoke crops in Region of Murcia (Southeast Spain).
Guerrero, M.M., Lacasa, C., Martínez, V., Martínez, M.C., Lacasa, A.
PDFFarming system and organic soil sources: Influence on soil health, yield, and head quality of globe artichoke
Leskovar, D., Othman, Y. JORDAN.
PDFFrom field to fork, 3 case studies to understand the globe artichoke supply chain.
Calabrese, N., Guyon, C., Jana, C., Martínez, J.P., Minisini, S., Vargas, S.
PDFGenotype influence on antioxidant compounds content in Cynara cardunculus (L.).
Pappalardo, H.D., Genovese, C., Puglia, G.D., Martines, L., D'Amante, G., Toscano, V., Raccuia, S.
PDFGrafting globe artichoke on four Tunisian cardoon rootstocks: compatibility and cardoon responses versus Verticillium dahliae
Riahi, J., Khalfallah, K.K., Nicoletto, C.
PDFImpact of different photoperiodic treatments on globe artichoke var. “Spinoso Sardo” (Cynara cardunculus L. var. scolymus Fiori) head traits and elementary composition.
Virdis, A., Fadda, A., Barberis, A., Ledda, L., Melito, S.
PDFImprovement of globe artichoke genome assembly obtained from a hi-c genomic library.
Acquadro, A., Barchi, L., Portis, E., Valentino, D., Lanteri, S
PDFImprovement of the shelf life of minimally processed artichoke through antimicrobial and antioxidants agents.
Núñez-Delicado, E., Gómez, P., Gabalón, J.A., Sánchez-Guijarro, M.
PDFIn vitro culture techniques as a tool for the conservation and valorization of local genetic resources of Cynara cardunculus L. var. scolymus (L.) Fiori.
Ruta, C., Tagarelli, A.M., Ancona, S., Verdini, L., De Mastro, G.
PDFIntegration of phenotypic a genotypic selection for the development of globe artichoke seed propagated varieties.
Mauromicale, G., Portis, E., Acquadro, A., Lo Monaco, A. Pesce, R., Lanteri, S.
PDFLeaf and plant water use efficiency in globe artichoke cv ‘Spinoso sardo’ under different irrigation water managements.
Deligios, P., Chergia, A.P., Sanna, G., Solinas, S., Ledda, L.
PDFPhenolic compounds, antioxidant activity and lignin content of “Spinoso sardo” artichoke grown under different photoperiods.
Virdis, A., Fadda, A., Barberis, A., Ledda, L., Melito, S.
PDFPhysiological and yield response of two `early´ globe artichoke cultivars to nitrogen fertilization.
Lombardo, S.,Pandino, G., Mauro, R.P., Litrico, A., Mauromicale, G.
PDFPhytochemical and biomolecular analyses of wild edible Sardinian thistles and evaluation of their potential anti-inflammatory activity.
Marengo, A., Sanna, C., Maxia, A.,Bertea, C., Fumagalli, M., Sangiovanni, E., Dell'Agli; M., Bicchi, C., Cagliero, C., Rubiolo, P.
PDFPolyphenols profile in globe artichoke as affected by intraspecific competition.
Pandino, G., Lombardo, S., Bonomo, A., Mauromicale, G.
PDFPostharvest storage of artichoke in macro-perforate bags.
García-Pastor, M.E., Valero, D., Serrano, M., Zapata, P.J., Martínez-Romero, D., Guillén, F., Ruiz-Jiménez, J.M.
PDFPreharvest application of methyl salicylate: Effects on crop yield, quality and functional properties of artichoke (Cynaras colymus L.) at harvest.
García-Pastor, M.E., Zapata, P.J., Martinez-Espla, A., Martinez-Romero, D., Castillo, S., Valverde, J.M., Guillen, F.
PDFPresent situation and perspective of the globe artichoke in the world.
Calabrese, N.
PDFPresentation of ‘Alcachofa España’and ‘Alcachofa Vega Baja’.
Mr. A. Galindo and Mr. D. Martínez.
PDFPrincipal mechanism of tolerance to abiotic stresses in Cynara cardunculus L.
Toscano, V., Pappalardo, H., Genovese, C., Publia, G., Leonardi, C., Raccuia, S.
PDFProduction of cardoon (Cynara cardunculus L.) sprouts with high nutraceutical value: First results.
Raccucia, S., Toscano, V., Genovese, C., Putrino, A., Puglia, G.D., Venticinque, M.
PDFProductive and agronomic behaviour of new cvs and lines of seed propagated artichoke.
Baixauli, C., Nájera-Juan, I., Aguilar, J.M., Giner-Martorell, A.
PDFReduction of Verticillium dahliae inoculum on soil by biosolarization
Guerrero, M.M., Lacasa, C., Martínez, V., Martínez, M.C., Ramírez, B., Jara, A., Lacasa, A.
PDFSeed treatment with endophytic fungi enhances yield and nutritional quality of seed-propagated artichokes.
Cardarelli, M., Rouphael, Y., De Pascale, S., Colla, G.
PDFSensory properties of canned cardoon hearts in relation to genotype.
Melilli, M.G., Argento, S., Scandura, S., Pagliaro, A., Calderaro, P., Di Bella, M.C., Branca, F.
PDFShelf life and sensory properties of processed cardoon hearts.
Melilli, M.G., Argento, S., Scandura, S., Pagliaro, A., Di Bella, M.C., Branca, F.
PDFStudy of agronomical behavior and quality characteristics of some seed-grown globe artichoke cultivars (Cynara scolymus L.) in the southeast of Spain.
Parra, J., Ortiz, M., García, J., Bartual, J.
PDFThe globe artichoke genome database. (
Portis, E., Portis, F., Valente, L., Barchi, L., Lanteri, S., Acquadro, A.
PDFTotal caffeoylquinic acids and flavonoids in leaves of Cynara cardunculus cardoon forms.
Pandino, G., Gattesco, F., Bosisio, S., Lombardo, S.,Scavo, A., Mauromicale, G.
PDFTotal polyphenol content and antioxidant activity in a collection of sicilian globe artichocke ecotypes.
Lombardo, S., Pandino, G., Scavo, A., Mauromicale, G.
PDFTowards the CRISPR/Cas9-mediated knock-out of polyphenol oxidase genes in globe artichoke.
Moglia, A., Comino, A., Gianoglio, S., Lanteri, S.
PDFUse of hyperspectral imaging for the discrimination of artichoke by variety and harvest time.
Babellahi, F., Amodio, M.L., Colelli, G., Berardi, A., Ricci, I.
PDFVariation in polyphenolic composition and physiological characteristics of `Blanca de Tudela´ cultivar affected by irrigation system.
Giménez, M.J., Abadía, R., Valero, D., Serrano, M., García-Pastor, M.E., Medina-Santamarina, J., Martínez-Esplá, A., Zapata, P.J.
PDFWater productivity of globe artichoke under different irrigation regimes in cultivation for pharmaceutical purpose.
Salata, A., Nurzynska-Wierdak, R.,Buczkowska, H., Najda, A.
PDFZero-residue artichoke production by integrated pest management.
Almela, L., García-Martínez, N., Andreo-Martínez, P.