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Founded 1956 and officially seated in Wageningen (The Netherlands), EUCARPIA provides considerable impact on improving international contacts in plant breeding research for nearly 60 years. EUCARPIA aims to promote scientific and technical co-operation in the field of plant breeding in order to foster its further development. To achieve this purpose, the Association arranges and sponsors meetings to discuss general or specific problems from all fields of plant breeding and genetic research.

EUCARPIA organizes section and working group meetings throughout Europe each year. During these meetings devoted to particular crops or cross-cutting topics, specialized up-to-date knowledge and methodology are exchanged among leading scientists and conveyed to practical plant breeders.

Every four years, the General Congress is held together with the general assembly. These congresses are an opportunity for all EUCARPIA members to discuss subjects of a wider interest. They provide a forum for presentation of the problems and challenges which plant breeding faces today and in the future. The next congress takes place 28 August to 2 September 2016 in Zurich, Switzerland.