Dear Rectors, Deans, Colleagues and Representatives of the member Faculties of the European Association of Establishments for Veterinary Education,

As Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Science in Murcia it is my pleasure to invite you to our Center to attend the 27th General Assembly of the EAEVE, coinciding with the beginning of the events associated with the centenary of the foundation of our University as we know it today (since the historical background of the University of Murcia dates back to 1275). It will be a great pleasure to welcome everybody in our Campus, as it is an excellent opportunity to show you our Faculty and University, an institution placed in an area with a vast tradition and culture related to agriculture and livestock since the Middle Ages.

It is a distinguished honor to organize this General Assembly of the EAEVE, which is a very important event to the Veterinary education in Europe, but it is also a great responsibility. Besides of discussing the issues connected to the current veterinary education, this event allows the veterinary school representatives scattered all over Europe to meet, extend their connections, get new ideas and exchange opinions. After dealing with the regular matters of the Association, we will discuss about aspects concerning the future of the Veterinary profession and education. This way, there will be some hard work during the General Assembly which will be hold on the 21st and 22th May, though the breaks and the social programs will give us the chance to informal exchange as well. According to the schedule, the first day will end with a cocktail party celebrated in the ancient cloister which harbors the Faculty of Law of the University, while the General Assembly will be closed with a gala dinner at the splendid Royal Casino of Murcia.

Not only is Murcia the seat of our Veterinary Faculty, it is also one of the most interesting regions of Spain, which has been inhabited by a mixture important civilizations from antiquity such as Carthaginians, Romans, Visigoths, Arabs... all their influence has led to the city as it is nowadays. If you can afford spending a few additional days here; we recommend you to visit these fabulous vestiges, and also to enjoy our magnificent Mediterranean beaches, winery routes, or simply enjoy the typical gastronomy, including "tapas".

We look forward to seeing you at the Faculty of Veterinary Science in Murcia in May 2014.

Prof. Antonio Rouco
Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Science
University of Murcia